Durham Storytellers' members are individuals from all walks of life who are interested in storytelling and the preservation of stories and folklore.

Membership fee: $30.00 annually.

Family Membership: additional family members $15

Benefits of membership: 

  • Monthly gatherings: ten meetings per year in a friendly atmosphere
  • Opportunities to listen and hone skills in front of an audience 
  • Opportunities to attend, conduct and organize storytelling events and workshops

Durham Storytellers sponsor several community concert events where all members are invited to tell.

Other storytelling events are also presented. Check our website often to get updates!

Our Directory of Member Storytellers is available on the main page

Disclaimer: Durham Storytellers is not responsible for independent individual performances.

Fees: While DS has a recommended a minimum fee of $250.00 per session/hour as suggested by the Ontario Arts Council, individual storytellers are free to set their own fees. Negotiations remain strictly a matter between the performing artist and client.

...and when the spirit of the rock had told all the stories of the earth, he said to the orphan boy, "Return to your people, sit by the fire and tell them these stories, and when you are done, ask a gift for your words." ( excerpt from traditional native tale)

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Family Membership- (1st person full price, 2nd person half price)